Occupancy – Film



An exploration of origin and familiarity through the streets of Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. This is trying to question the true occupancy of Braamfontein. Presently, there is a diverse group of people adopting Jorissen Street into their own. Home then becomes an intangible relationship with the streets and the architecture.

…Amongst people there

is a sense of oblivion

toward others.

The short film opens with footage of people walking on the edge of Cnr Jorissen and Melle Street. The corner has many people from different fields crossing paths to get to their destinations. Frequently, amongst people there is a sense of oblivion towards others. There is an eluding divide amongst the occupants, a society of  classism. In truth, as Africans we believe in each other for each other by each other. Thus there is an exploration of labelled outliers and accepted groups in a collective, to understand the occupancy.

There are three main characters which are classified as outsiders in society’s ideals. Thulani is a passer-by from Grahamstown, Thabang and Siphiwe are street children/ teenagers from Soweto. All three are in the same age range from 17-21.These characters are meant to arise an internal conflict of societal constructs. Who is actually from Braamfontein? There is an element of self-reflection, is this home?

I am because 

you are. 

ubuntu concept

The visuals of street activity are complimented with a narrator. The audio speaks to the concept of occupancy in Braamfontein. The occupants of Braamfontein are not from the area yet we exist there however Braamfontein is not our home. It is a city of ghosts and souls self-consumed by I/Me/Mine. The film is sincere footage of the street activity on Jorissen Street.  It is a response to the question of occupancy and in itself leaves it in the question state. Are we not all homeless if this isn’t home but we occupy it ?

And is it possible for Home to be where the heart is?

Penny for your thoughts.

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