The Marc – Progress or Regress?

An outstanding interpretation of the African Calabash, The Marc holds herself with pride. The golden tower reaching towards the sky, reflecting its surroundings. Housed in a continuously growing city, The Marc, previously known as Village Walk, is the new talk of the town. A luxurious shopping center situated in the Sandton precinct, the city of potential.

Her attraction is sophisticated yet dominating in its presence. Subtly bold, the tower views the great Sandton suburbia. The golden reflecting tower has striking triangular geometry, a sacred African symbol found in fractal patterns. Her beauty has no shame, from sunrise to sunset, she holds her head high in the precinct of opportunity.

Market space moving further up Maude Street

Did this however leave her forgetting the ground? The truth is, yes. Village Walk was known for its multicultural market experience, vibrant with active public spaces. Where users were absorbed by its honest transparency, now stands a proud ignorant Queen.

Her subjects pushed further way, almost disappearing into the City of Elite. Now the street edge is guarded and patrolled, creating dead zones which were once filled with life. Her beauty is breathtaking but she still stands alone.

As we move further into understanding the modernization of African architecture, we cannot forget the morals we stand for. A true reflection of us is not only in form but in spirit too.

Which direction are we actually moving into?

Penny for your thoughts.

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