A Journey Begins

I am Maphitha Sithole, a South African Female Architect and I’m here to change the status quo.

Starting a new life with a different set of lenses, literally and figuratively. With the completion of my architectural studies, I see the world inversely and my eyesight has suffered too. As a person of change, I have met my bliss : the sweetest first love, architecture. 

Nothing could describe the joyful feeling of defeating the battle of technology, with a beautifully rendered section. Sleeping for 4 hours in a week, only to find a site plan that narrates your story. Architecture is a storyteller : an elderly lady with many myths and tricks hidden in her heart.

Alex Webb
MEXICO. 1978. Matamoros. Cemetery.

  Architecture is a storyteller

I’m starting this blog to document my narrative of life, continuously and ever-changing. Hopefully this unfolds to panel discussions and forums for  various untold stories of life, globally. My vision for this world can only change with the understanding of the unwritten stories that walk this earth. How do I start with no insight? How do I help those who won’t be able to read this? How do we move from pain and build a society of healing? How do we heal nations?

Penny for your thoughts.

 Sacred is the space of FREEDOM

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